Segment 1
Don Oriolo is the owner of Oriolo Guitars, musician, producer and the son of Joe Oriolo – the creator and animator of Felix The Cat and co-creator of Casper The Friendly Ghost. Currently the CEO of Felix The Cat Productions, Don talks about the impact his dad’s work and his support of Don’s love of music and guitars has had on his life and career.
Segment 2
Don expounds on his love of guitars, which was sparked early on when his dad gave him a Gretch Anniversary electric. He talks about developing a relationship with the Martin Guitar Company, when he took his 1901 Martin in for repairs and found they were big fans Felix The Cat.
Segment 3
Don talks about working with Martin to design a ¾ scale Felix The Cat guitar, which enjoyed wild popularity at the NAMM convention. He talks about the Oriolo Guitar company, his role in the music industry while with RSO Records working with artists like The Bee Gees and Eric Clapton, as well as his role in discovering Meatloaf.
Segment 4
Don talks about his guitar company’s business model, preferring to keep guitar lines small with high build quality and opting for online sales and small music shops in lieu of big box stores. He also talks about donating a lot of guitars to the Guitars in the Classroom organization, dedicated to the education of challenged and underprivileged children.