1 IoT Tows the Line
Lisa Tuttle, chief information security officer, SPX Corp., talks about how IoT is moving across the line between manufacturing and security, especially with embedded controllers that can detect when parts are ready to fail. She explains how building security solutions by design must become a larger component when establishing effective security standards for consumers, businesses, and manufacturers.
2 Recruiting for Security
Peggy Smedley looks at how companies are building up stronger barriers to keep cybercriminals out. She discusses how the need for effective security doesn’t just stem from an advanced solution or system, but from competent workers as well.
3 Uncovering Cybercriminals
Shaun Murphy, CEO, sndr.com, says how cheap it is for cybercriminals to send out fake messages to a wide group of people or leverage malware or ransomware to target specific businesses directly. He advises people not to click on unfamiliar links and keep a look out for spelling mistakes or information they have not requested from governments or banks.
4 The Battle for Cybersecurity
Darin Andersen, chair/founder, CyberTECH, says although many companies are struggling with security in the IoT, many people are approaching data with a resiliency mindset to keep threats out or controlled. He discusses differing global views of privacy and urges people to stand up and take cybersecurity in their own hands, as opposed to relying on a company or organization to keep them safe.