Dr. Clancy McKenzie has turned the psychiatric and pharmaceutical worlds upside down in his assertion that biological psychiatry is a myth disproven, and that biological change is the result and NOT the cause of the disease process. He makes his claims, fastidiously researched and scientifically corroborated in his two breakthrough books, “DELAYED POSTTRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDERS FROM INFANCY: The Two Trauma Mechanism” and “BABIES NEED MOTHERS: How Mothers Can Prevent Mental Illness in their Children.”

Dr. McKenzie happened upon a discovery that would forever change not just his life, but his patients’ lives as well. It hit him like a bolt of lightening, unearthing the origin and mechanism of serious mental and emotional disorders. His proscribed treatment and three levels of prevention quickly followed. After forty plus years of research and studies, the author has made the results and prevention methods available to the general public.