While that might be a tiny little exaggeration, it is not overstating things to say that today’s guest, intellectual property attorney Ross Epstein, legal advisor and managing partner of TechLaw, LLP, really knows his stuff! With creativity at a premium today, protecting that creativity with the proper legal safeguards has never been more important. You might have the best idea on the planet, but if you cannot protect it from being stolen, you may find yourself competing against your own technology some day. Listen in today to learn how to protect your brand, and plan & grow your business. This is a different form of “wealth management”, but is all part of business planning and growing your wealth long-term.

1 Finding, creating and protecting your intellectual property - critically important for your business planning
2 Can I copyright a sunset - or does that only apply to my picture and my book on sunsets?
3 Where does Coke keep their recipe? What is the difference between a "trade secret" and "trade mark"?
4 Why it matters to have a checklist of intellectual property when you sell or buy a business