Leticia Cazares has spent the last 20 years working in community health. Her most recent position was director of the San Ysidro Health Center. She has a Master’s in public health and is well known for her advocacy for public health. When it comes to the Affordable Health Care Act there are very few people as knowledgeable as Leticia. Leticia will be the first to tell you that the ACA is not perfect and she does discuss many of it’s short comings. She will also tell you that the ACA slowed down insurance payments for all Americans. Before ACA there were no consumer protections against sharp increases on premiums. Leticia will inform us of the problems with the Senate Care bill. (Trump Bill) She will suggest various avenues Americans can take to advocate for better health care.

1 Leticia Cazares Health Policy advocate / 2 The pros and cons of ACA / 3 What's wrong with the Senate Bill ? (Trump care) Pre -exisitng conditons / 4 How do we advocate for better health care.