Are you in the process of designing a website, or wondering how to drive more people to the website that you have already created? Do you know why the top companies in all industries seek help from search engine optimization specialists? Are you familiar with the biggest misconception that business owners have about search engine optimization? Michael Tesalona, the co-founder of Bradford & Crabtree LLC, a marketing agency specializing in search engine optimization breaks it down so that you can ensure that you are effectively gaining the most traffic to your website. He also shares some personal insight about how he made some drastic decisions that rippled into him being in full control of his family’s future and how overcoming complacency changed the course of his entire life direction. UTL Radio is excited to present….How the search for true fulfillment led a man to his dream of mastering Search Engine Optimization. Enjoy…..

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Michael Tesalona is the Co-founder at Bradford & Crabtree LLC a marketing agency specializing in search engine optimization. Michael’s sole focus is to ensure Bradford & Crabtree uses the most effective SEO techniques with his clients to ensure they have the most visibility on internet search engines.