Segment #1: Mike and Molly begin the show talking about Pokey-mon, and that Molly was unaware of this phenomena due to her isolation in the peoples republic of Washington, DC. We then get into the discussion of the shift in social structure as woman are truly influencing the world INcluded is the rejection of the idea of the “C” suite as a destination and the impact economically and socially of woman entrepreneurs

Segment #2: Molly and Mike have their guest Natalie Spiro, the Tedx Speaker, President and Founder of Drum cafe West. natalie speaks to the power of connection and diversity of thought, she talk of her experience living in South Africa in the 1990’s, and she shares about her mission and the purpose of her business.

Segment #3: Molly, Mike, and Natalie continue discussing not only the social issues that are prevalent currently in the states, we speak to the issues globally. Natalie and Molly share how this really, though simply stated is an issue of Love over fear, the work to be done is the allow of differing thoughts, idea, and points of view, and the discourse to follow.

Segment #4: We Shift the conversation a little to The Dead and Company, and Mike’s experience at the recent show at Alpine Valley, Wisconsin. Stinking with the idea of diversity of thought, reinvention and sustainability, again, Mike in his own unique way was able to compare the Grateful Dead to the Dow Jones Industrials.