BUSINESS AS USUAL IS CHANGING! Join us today as we switch it UP and empower you to show up differently in the work place. The workforce is changing, structures are shifting, and companies are modernizing procedures as well as policies. Tune in to hear more about Workforce, Entrepreneurial Coalition, to Fringe Workers.

Tiffany David is an experienced entrepreneur and culture enthusiast, Tiffany brings
decades of practical HR to organizations that want to do more than
survive the legal landscape. As a senior leader, Tiffany has developed
processes and policies for California, multi-state and global
organizations to optimize their workforce and thrive in today’s

Tiffany has been recognized for her innovative work developing fresh and relevant
performance management programs, coaching leaders at all levels, as well as receiving
recognition for her engagement initiatives and Internal Onboarding plans. In San Diego,
Tiffany started and currently leads the global DisruptHR* movement and event series

Twitter: @rtiffanydavid
YouTube Channel
LInkedIn/tiffanydavidhr (LI)

Published contributor to HuffPost #GreatWorkCultures
Speaker for CSUSM, DisruptHRSD, SDUnite

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