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Host, Nina Woodard, Past President, San Diego Society for Human Resource Management
Guest, Lisa Frank, Partner, Kasper and Frank, LLP

01: Essential Questions Asked and Answered
Host Nina Woodard and guest, Lisa Frank, discuss the important new law recently passed regarding California Sick Pay. This is a particularly timely topic since amendments were just passed to this new law with updates which people should know about. Nina and Lisa discuss who is eligible, who is covered, what is required to be compliant with the law, when it was/is effective, and more.
02: Employers with Home Bases out of California and More
In this segment, Nina and Lisa discuss what sick pay can be used for, how the new law works with or against existing policies, taking time off whenever needed, and employers with homes bases out of California.
03: How to Calculate
This segment discusses how to calculate California Sick pay under this new law. It further discusses the possibility of offering different policies for different categories of employees. Lisa and Nina discuss the amendments support for offering either a deposit or accrual set up for compliance with the California law. They also discuss compliance with the record keeping requirements and impacts on existing PTO or other established policies for leave time.
04: Communication and Wrap Up
In the final segment, Lisa provides a brief over view of what employers need to be thinking about. She explains that penalties for noncompliance can be costly and that it is important to review all related policies against the provisions and compliance requirements of the law.

Click here to read Lisa’s white paper on California’s Sick Pay Law http://www.kasperfrank.com/blog/2015/8/7/effective-immediately-california-amends-the-healthy-workplaces-healthy-families-act-of-2014