Segment One: NFL Signing Deadline:
The deadline for signing free agents with the Franchise Tag has come and gone so Danny Thompson, host of @NBACP Radio and Ted Hicks, host of Inside the Barbershop chime in on the key players that capitalized on their worth. Follow them on twitter: @nbadt29 @RealTedHicks
Segment Two: Racing Season at Del Mar:
Racing season at Del Mar race track is here and we get an insider’s look at everything Del Mar with Felix Taverna. The opening day festivities, the stars & celebrities and how to go about doing a pick 5 or pick 6.
Segment Three: Comedy Show:
Lamont Ferguson helps preview the upcoming comedy show in Carlsbad on July 24-25 and shares his special brand of humor and what lead him to comedy. Follow him on twitter: @TVFunnyMan
Segment Four: Salute to Veterans:
We tip our hats to all veterans as we talk with Boone Cutler on his career in the US Army and the difficult transition coming back to the States. We also discuss how everyone can look at our veterans different and assist in welcoming them back into the fold. Follow him on twitter: @BooneCutler

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