1 Threats Loom Large and Small
Peggy Smedley reiterates that the IoT is relatively untested, and no business big and small is immune to a cyber-attack. She details a current experiment that tested how cyber-criminals penetrated a company’s security system and discusses how companies are not taking the proper steps to keep data safe, whether lacking a budget or poor handling of usernames and passwords.
2 Wrapping Heads around Security
Bob Carver, CISM, CISSP, Verizon, explains the current perceptions of IoT security reflects the views expressed about identity theft made a decade ago. When it comes to businesses and consumers, he talks about how many people shrug off smaller security threats, unknowing that it can come back to cause damage on a much larger scale.
3 Holding Compliancy at Ransom
Scott Schober, president and CEO, Berkeley Varitronics Systems Inc., looks at how hackers keep advancing the impact of ransom-ware attacks, anticipating threats that go beyond personal and financial information to create dangerous situations with healthcare and transportation data. He talks about how many people have cyber complacency as they are relying too much on their current plans to keep them safe from breaches in IoT.
4 Hacking the Way to Security
Scott Schober, president and CEO, Berkeley Varitronics Systems Inc., talks about how a host of security risks are inherent to the IoT and urges consumers to think twice when connecting devices to the Internet. He discusses furthering the education of previous cyberattacks so consumers and businesses can create a smarter plan designed through the eyes of a hacker to better spot strengths and weaknesses.