Balboa Park has many countries represented by small cottages . However Our closes neighbor Mexico does not have any representation. My guest Amalia Ruelas and Gloria Cazares to members of the House of Mexico organizations have discussed why we should have representation in Balboa Park. In 1994 a group under people started the effort to establish a House of Mexico. The purpose of “la Casita” would be not only to have representation but to educate future generations, school children and visitors on the rich history and culture of Mexico. This group has held many fund raisers to obtain the necessary funds to build the HOM. One of the problems they have faced is many people feel that if they want to learn mor about Mexico they can cross our border within 15 minutes and thus do not understand the value of having a House of Mexico. Both women speak of the many plans they would hope to have available when the HOM is built. At the time they need 124 thousand dollars to assure they will be included in the current development. It is possible that 100 thousand has been pledged however that may or may not be the case so they work to assure they can obtain the needed funds. The HOM would also promote the different regions in Mexico as well as the right cultural heritage. They are organizing a celebration on September 15 (Mexico Independence Day is September 16.) to be held in Balboa Park.

1 What would a House of Mexico Offer San Diego? / 2 History of House of Mexico / 3 Fund raising to make the dream come true / 4 Celebrating Mexico indepence day.