01 IBM, Text Issues, and Mobile Hot Tubs
Peggy Smedley addresses IBM’s partnership with Apple, TeenSafe’s program to help parents monitor their child’s mobile device, and a crowdfunding effort to set a record for “World’s Fastest Hot Tub.”
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02 Use of Crowdfunding In the Medical Field
Jonathan O’Halloran, CSO, QuantuMDx Group, discusses his company’s DNA analysis device and why his crowdfunding campaign was a success even though it didn’t meet its funding goal.

03 What Happens If Funding Efforts Fail?
Kevin Xu, cofounder, Zwear, explains the pros and cons of crowdfunding, and the best way for a startup organization to begin a fundraising campaign.
Kickstarter and Its Role In Helping Technology Innovations
John Dimatos, lead for technology and design, Kickstarter, tells of how Kickstarter is having an effect on the technology landscape and the advantages of using crowdfunding over venture capital funding.