Host, Doris Rivas-Brekke, introduces a show on some very thought-provoking issues…The title of the show is “Trials, Tribulation and yes, Triumph”!  With co-host, Laurie Clubb, who is a biofeedback specialist and founder of the Stress Balance Therapy group, Doris & Laurie welcome the New York Times Best Selling author, Hollye Jacobs.  Hollye’s beautifully written book is called ” The Silver Lining- A Supportive & Insightful Guide to Breast Cancer”.  The book is also filled with stunning photographs shot by Hollye’s dear friend, Elizabeth Messina.

These three women have had their share of trials and tribulation, but they have also “triumphed” big time over their life battles!  Doris, Laurie and Hollye are here to boldly and proudly tell their stories…You definitely want to hear this show!!!

P.s. Don’t forget to catch the latest in world events in Segment 1 with “DDwD Happenings”!

1Doris & Laurie Clubb & DDwD events
2Doris, Laurie & NYTimes Best Selling author Hollye Jacobs
3Doris, Laurie & Hollye Jacobs
4Doris, Laurie & Hollye Jacobs