On this episode of PRfect Pitch, guest Marsha Friedman, Founder and CEO of EMSI Public Relations with 25 years of industry experience, talks about her evolving journey from marketer to innovative PR guru, shares key excerpts from her guide to personal branding book,  Celebritize Yourself, and the importance of showing care and consistency in order to create foundational relationships with the Media and clients.


Connect with Marsha:

Twitter: @empsiPR

Personal Site: http://marshafriedman.com/

Website: EMSIpublicrelations.com

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Segment 1: Marsha Friedman shares how her marketing background and thinking-outside-of-the-box strategy helped her get solid footing in the PR industry.
Segment 2: Marsha Friedman shares her inspiration and best practices on how to keep media and clients happy.
Segment 3: Marsha Friedman elaborates on how consistently maintaining positive and caring client relationships translates to a successful brand.
Segment 4: Marsha Friedman shares the success of her book, Celebritize Yourself, and her perspective on why human relationships are “the prize that keeps on giving” in any industry.