Jeff Lotman, CEO of Global Icons, a leading corporate brand licensing/marketing agency comments on the recent scandal surrounding the prestigious Maison Laboure-Roi vineyards intentionally mislabeling vintages and discusses how it will impact the brand reputation of wine makers throughout the entire Burgundy region. The alleged label tampering could impact sales of all Burgundy vintages for years if not decades to come. Lotman is a long time collector and lover of wines with a cellar of over 4000 + bottles. He has also recently started his own commercial labels. Lotman, a well-acknowledged leader in the brand licensing field, has licensed and developed co-branding deals for such clients as BMW, Mrs. Fields, Ford, Dannon, Sunbeam, HUMVEE, Lincoln, MINI and many others. Before founding Global Icons, Lotman was COO of Keystone Foods Corporation, one of the world’s largest food manufacturing companies and principal supplier to McDonalds.