Deb Beddoe, chairwoman of Ready Carlsbad Business Alliance, and David Harrison, emergency preparedness coordinator for the city of Carlsbad, chat about how residents and businesses can prepare for a fire and how Ready Carlsbad Business Alliance has assisted those impacted by the Poinsettia fire. David Harrison shares simple precautions residents can take to help prevent fires, such as being aware of environmental conditions and signing up for fire notification alerts through Alert San Diego. To find out how to contribute to the Poinsettia fire relief, visit

John DeDakis, novelist and former CNN journalist/editor, talks about his work being a journalist for 45 years (25 of which were spent with CNN) and his transition from journalist and editor to novelist. He discusses how he learned to write his books through a woman’s perspective by paying close attention to how women speak and interact with one another and how he utilizes social media as a marketing tool to reach readers worldwide. Visit to learn more about John DeDakis and his work.