Segment One: Healthy Living:
Owner & President of Black MP Living Water Darren Lang breaks down the great benefits of drinking Black MP Living Water and why it’s so important in replenishing all the materials our bodies crave so much.
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Segment Two: NFL News & Notes:
ESPN NFL Insider Jim Trotter drops by to share the latest on Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson, Mike Tomlin and Ray Rice. Plus, we talk about the controversy over the induction speech for the late Junior Seau going into the Hall of Fame.
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Segment Three: Qualcomm Layoffs:
Financial Advisor & Author Laurie Itkin explains what the recent layoffs by Qualcomm mean to those affected and how they need to manage their finances moving forward.
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Segment Four: Stock Investments:
We continue our conversation with Laurie Itkin on how to invest, when to invest and the various programs that can help in certain situations while sharing information from her book “The Options Lady, Every Woman Should Know Her Options.”
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