While many people think Fibromyalgia is a genetic condition or a condition that has no cause, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The reason the cause is often missed is because they think there looking for one cause. Looking for one cause for Fibromyalgia will not fully shed light on the issue because Fibromyalgia usually as multiple causes working together. If we only look in one direction, it means we are turning our back on the other directions which may be the one most important for the patient. Many people will be able to regain significant quality of life when the right diagnostic work up is done. Fibromyalgia requires looking under many stones and leaving no stone unturned. When this is done an answer will be found. Fibromyalgia may be because your thyroid is sub-optimal, your adrenals are low, you have chronic infections that you aren’t aware of. Even foods can create inflammation that drives fibromyalgia symptoms. Finally, it is often a part of the cell that makes energy, known as the mitochondria that can be off. This area responds quite well to nutrients like CoQ10, B vitamins and D-Ribose. Which approach is right for you? The one that fits you, which means test, don’t guess! Know that there is help and logical answers. Ask the questions to get the information and education that you need to be optimally well.