1 Security at a Cost
Peggy Smedley addresses why data breaches are costing the United States more than anywhere else in the world. She examines how industries like finance, healthcare, construction, and manufacturing are set to experience breaches by cybercriminals and says they must not turn a blind eye when finding a better way to be prepared.
2 Preparing for Cyber Warfare
Morgan Wright, cybersecurity/cyberterrorism analyst and strategist and Senior Fellow, The Center for Digital Government, explains the difficulty behind catching cybercriminals as they exist in the digital world and out of a specific jurisdiction. On a global level, he explains that historical relations may indicate how cyber-attacks will happen in the future and says government must be working with security companies to improve encryption and private networks to keep infrastructure safe.
3 A Personal Context for Authentication
Alex Natividad, founder and CEO, NimbusID, makes the point that while many people believe weak passwords are the root of the problem, he says access credentials in general have become too static. He explains how cognitive authentication can be designed with a contextual and personal interpretation to make security more dynamic and harder to penetrate.
4 Envisioning Clearer Security
Nadir Izreal, cofounder & CTO, and Yevgeny Dibrov, cofounder & CEO, Armis Security, discuss their plan to eliminate the IoT security blind spot to give visibility and control of any device in an organization. They explain that while some organizations isolate the devices to avoid data being breached, this can detract from regular business processes.