1 Bob Schwenkler and Natalie Vartanian join Executive Coach Sophia Casey in The PLAYroom to chat about how they support couples and singles in creating more intimacy by enhancing communication and vulnerability.
2 Coach Casey shares how she hears from more and more women entrepreneurs and executives about the struggles they have carving out time to connect and be sexual with their mates. Women are spending more time outside of the home running companies and finding it challenging to balance with being sexually available for their mates. Natalie shares how they can create intimacy by communicating with their mate in partnership and being creative. She gave a great tip! Consider being more sexual in the morning and create it as fun and foreplay throughout the day. Start with a "Morning Sex Date". Setting aside time purposely where it's less about the how but more so about the energy and intention I'm bringing to my mate. The energy can build up throughout the day. Bob and Natalie's tip: Everything can be foreplay if you set the intention. LOVE THAT!
3 Coach Casey asks questions from the PLAYmates. How do we turn on intimacy? Bob and Natalie support couples with creating continuous open dialogue about what sexual acts they love or do not love. Open dialogue can create more communication and sexiness in the bedroom. Practicing different physical and communication techniques can address issues blocking intimacy.

Natalie and Bob share that because sex is still taboo for some people, PLAYmates can practice using different techniques like asking your mate what turned your mate on in the beginning when you first met. Natalie points out that a common theme is communication and when there is a breakdown in communication those breakdowns can show up in the bedroom. Natalie shares that focusing on being "naked emotionally" with your partner - being more open and vulnerable about what you want in the relationship or what's holding you back can lead to a deeper connection with your lover and a more intimate relationship.
4 Bob and Natalie share tips on how people can become more vulnerable using communication tools. The Listening Exercise is a communication structure that can help create understanding and empathy where the couple learns to share and listen more to create a safe space. By creating this level of communication and empathezing with your mate intimacy can be strenthened. Natalie and Bob offer you a gift of their pdf to support you in deepening your intimacy. Visit their website at Hello@NatalieandBob.com or Coach C