The San Ysidro Health Clinic serves the San Diego Community from the Mexican Border , Linda Vista and as far east as El Cajon. When the one and only doctor in San Ysidro moved to Chula Vista, a group of women known as el club de Madres started the clinic in a little white house located in San Ysidro My two guest are Ana Melgos, Vice President of External Affairs and Daniel Hernandez who is in charge of PR and come to the SYHC with 41 years of experience in developing out -reach to the Latino community.
In order to focus on the cultural, language and health needs of the community the SYHC has a staff of 1300 people. Ana says the formula for their success is respect for others. An example: Recognizing that Latinos often come to medical appointments as a family. They have made their consultation rooms larger.

The SYHC has formed partnerships with business to teach healthy eating habits as a preventive medical measure. They also have a PACE program that provides increase care for the elderly. (55 years and older_\- This program enables people to remain in their home and have a place to go on a daily bases for entertainment, medical support and meals. This assures they are not left home alone with the TV as their care giver.

1 History of the San Ysidro Health Clinic. / 2 Programs available; health, mental, dental and elder care. / 3 Community partnerships / 4 The future of the SYHC.