1 Happenings in Crowdfunding
Peggy Smedley discusses Singapore’s new crowdfunding effort, what Jibo is, and how Jon Stewart plans to purchase CNN through Kickstarter.
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2 Making Good on Crowdfunding Support
Martin Refsal, marketing associate, Canary, talks about Canary’s successful use of crowdfunding to get its product to market and what this fundraising effort has accomplished for the company.
3 What Impact is Indiegogo Having on Technology?
Kate Drane, head of hardware, Indiegogo, explains the impact Indiegogo is having on the tech industry and what are some of the latest trends.
4 August is Cybersecurity Month
Peggy Smedley looks ahead to next month’s topic which will center around cybersecurity, featuring a special interview with the new Deputy Commander of U.S. Cyber Command, Lieutenant General James McLaughlin.