1 “Deuce of Spades”: Period hot rod film
Hot rodder Faith Granger is the writer, director, cinematographer, producer and editor for “Deuce of Spades.” The film is all about cars, but so much more, she says.
2 “Deuce of Spades”: A 1932 Ford Roadster The Deuce originated from Minnesota, a restoration project that remained a rolling chassis unfinished project from the early 1970s until 2002. Contributing to the film are hot-rod greats Gene Winfield and Bill Hines, known as the “Leadslinger.”
3 “Deuce of Spades”: A love letter
The story plot came from an old love letter found in the trunk of a Hudson Terraplane. Since debuting in 2011, the independent film has been praised by movie critics and hot rod specialists.
4 “Deuce of Spades”: Shoot location: Ventura
Filming took four years and centered largely in the remote back roads of Ventura County