1 The Drive for Data Centers
Peggy explains why the data center market is growing. She says there is increasing demand from hyperscale cloud users and that hyperscale data centers are going up all over the world. Further, the growth of the data-center market is going to boost other industries such as construction.
2 Disrupted with Technology
Peggy and Michael Ludden, futurist, speaker, product leader and developer platform expert, global head of developer advocacy, and principal augmented reality advocate, Bose, talk about how technology is a tool and how it impacts working trends. He says industries will be disrupted with technology, but historically working trends have always gotten better for humans, with new technology. He notes we are moving toward an economy of abundance versus an economy of scarcity and automation can bring opportunities.
3 Data Growth in Ag
Peggy and Joshua Peschel, assistant professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering, Iowa State University, talk about the vast amount of data that exists in agriculture and how services that are sold in the cloud are becoming the new normal. He says there are two points of concern when looking at transmission of data and that we have a whole new level of security that we need to talk about.