Part 1
We were joined by Dr. Gina Potter, Superintendent, San Ysidro School District, and Francisco Mata, Coordinator, Public Relations & Community Services for the district. They spoke about the exciting future of the district, described it’s challenges, and shared information about interventions and partnerships that are producing results. San Ysidro is a community that borders the U.S./Mexico border.

Part 2
Ronald Preston Clark, an educator and “equity warrior” shared his passion for books that feature Black and Latinix characters. Ronald explained that, quite often, people of color lack interest in reading because they have only limited connection to those characters, especially as relates to ethnicity and common experiences. This topic is an important one, often overlooked in our search for literacy solutions. Tune in to this show to hear a list of authors that Ronald favors.

1 Dr. Gina Potter and Francisco Mata from the San Ysidro School District
2 Ronald Preston Clark on the topic of ethnically-relevant literature