1 Data Centers of Today and Tomorrow
In 2025, each connected person will have at least one data interaction every 18 seconds. Peggy shares that we are expecting a whole lot of data traffic and we need to answer the question: How are we going to keep up with all the storage demands? She summarizes what data centers look like today and what is next.
2 Data at the Edge
Peggy and Laz Vekiarides, CTO and cofounder, ClearSky Data, discuss the growth of data, edge computing, and the need for storage technology. He says the speed of light is finite, and as a corollary, our patience as human beings is limited. Edge computing helps by positioning resources you can interact with that are nearby. They also discuss the need for security.
3 AI in Skin Care
Peggy and Kailu Guan, co-founder and chief creative officer, HelloAva, talk about bringing smart learning to skin care and healthcare products. She says it is very important to capture accuracy of how well product will work on user’s skin and says the goal is to have AI (artificial intelligence) as a tool to empower the decision making process.