1 AI Changing Nature of Work
Peggy digs into how AI (artificial intelligence) is changing the nature of work, saying that it will yield high economic benefits for the United States. She also highlights a new plan from NIST that identifies how the government needs to bolster AI standards. However, while it is a solid plan, she cautions that we need to make sure that we are creating AI standards that are flexible enough and to not forget that AI is only as good as the algorithms built by people.
2 Results-Driven Communication
Peggy and Don Korfhage, president, SQUEAKS and IGear, chat about what drives manufacturing today and why results-driven communication is so important. He talks about the drivers of this transformation: both technology and cultural, citing the importance of recognizing the evolution of technology and that the younger generations are very social, collaborative, and connected today. Today, he says we have an opportunity to look at technology and ask: how is manufacturing going to keep up with this onslaught of data coming through the IoT.
3 AI and the Next Generation
Peggy wraps up the final segment of the show with comments from the audience about regulatory barriers to standards, the next generation, and sustained AI R&D investment. She says the next generation is our future and we need to think about an action plan that takes the next generation into consideration.