Segment 1
Producer, songwriter and bass player Josquin Des Pres talks about getting his start in the music business, growing up in France and getting signed with United Artists in 1976 with a prog rock band. He talks about his various various musical influences and his decision to get into songwriting and producing pop music in order to have longevity in the music industry. He tells us about his experience writing with Elton John’s lyricist Bernie Taupin.
Segment 2
Josquin talks about his focus on working for TV and movie soundtracks, currently working on a TV show hosted by Ellen Degeneres. He describes discovering Cameron X and his band Leave The Universe, being immensely impressed by the band’s songwriting and live performances and deciding to produce and develop them. Cameron talks about winning a spot on the Warped Tour.
Segment 3
Cameron talks about getting into music at a very young age playing drums and being influenced by bands like Green Day and Blink 182. He talks about finding writing inspiration in movie and TV soundtracks and the band’s songwriting process. We listen to Leave The Universe songs “Just Let Go” and “Reflection.”
Segment 4
Cameron talks about the music scenes in San Diego and Los Angeles and being more comfortable performing in front of a larger crowd. Josquin talks about the changes in the music industry and the futility of seeking record deals, focusing instead on artist placement through TV and movies as the key to success in the current music business environment.