In a preview of San Diego AMA’s August 9 “Closing the Loop with Agile Marketing” panel discussion, new show host Bill Winn chatted with chapter programming lead Jacques Pavlenyi and Jeremiah Gardner, author of “The Lean Brand: How Brand Innovation Transforms Organizations, Discovers New Value and Creates Passionate Customers”.

Jacques gave the audience a preview of the panel discussion and an overview of San Diego AMA’s programming for the 2016-17 chapter year, which is built on the theme “Closing the Loop”. Jacques explained that the theme and and the August 9 event not only tie back to the Practical Agile Strategies featured at San Diego AMA’s November 2016 Art of Marketing conference, but also reflect the continuous learning, technology, and iterative approach that are critical for marketing success today.

Jeremiah then detailed the theory, lessons learned and steps for implementing his philosophy, which is all about applying lean principles to brand development to help organizations create value-based, passionate relationships with their audience. He explained that empathy might be the most important aspect of this approach, while the methodology can take on a decidedly low-tech feel. In fact, he says, the most important tools in implementing lean innovation are likely a sharpie, a pad of Post-It notes and a clock. Find out why in this podcast, and join San Diego AMA at UCSD Extension August 9 as Jacques moderates a panel discussion featuring Jeremiah and three other Agile Marketing superstars.

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