The two guest are Iliana Garcia Rivera executive director and Carlos Vasquez board Chairperson for the Diamond District. The name comes from the shape of the district covered by this project. Iliana’s previous experience had been in the Sherman Heights community. The Majority of Carlos’s experience has been in San Ysidro. Together they have made a commitment to support and enrich the development of small business in this area. This area is predominately Mexican and Mexican American which often surprises people that are not familiar with the area. Interesting enough one of the goals is to bring a tortillera and a “good” Mexican restaurant to the area. The second goal will be achieved within the month of August. They also have a goal of bringing a super market that focuses on Mexican food to the area. Most of the residents do not own a car and rely on public transportation to get to work as well as shopping.. This agencies works with city official to achieve many of their goals and objectives.

1 Growing up to become an activist and business supporter. / 2 Learning and working in the Diamond district. / 3 The future of the dimond district / 4 Celebrations and community activities