One of my longest and GREATEST friends of 17 years, Sophia Gielarowski, joins me in on some hard stuff.

Genuine friendships DO exist they just take work! Where do you stop? We cover ways to challenge how you are doing friendships. Start standing for your friends, don’t be afraid to say to them the hard things, get messy, and give yourself permission to share yourself fully.

In this episode we really want to empower you to show up differently. Can you be transparent, open and listen to the things your friends aren’t saying? Challenge your beliefs on the way you think it has to go or how it’s actually going and create something new!
Segment Headline 1

1 The Highs and Lows of Being Friends / 2 How Are YOU Doing Friendship!? / 3 Practice Asking and Over Communicating / 4 Think IT - Say IT