1 Legislation Manufactures Security
Peggy Smedley talks about a new legislation that clamps down on cybersecurity in manufacturing in order to provide more reliability to IoT (Internet of Things) devices and keep sensitive data safe. She hopes this goes beyond market benefits for vendors to enable governments and bipartisan efforts in national safety to move forward.
2 New Age Manufacturing
Avi Reichental, founder and CEO, XponentialWorks, says Industry 4.0 introduces a new renaissance in manufacturing to allow companies to do things in effective, flexible, and efficient ways. He describes this convergence of technologies in manufacturing as an adaptive muscle that must maintain a balance of core values while taking revolutionary steps.
3 Subscribing to Data
Sara Lupien, contract and revenue manager, Caterpillar Inc., discusses new efforts to help condition machine workers to understand the value of data through the use of subscription services. She explains how this can maximize production for companies to overcome hours of downtime that can lead to losses of $100,000.
4 On the IoT Trail
Satish Cherukumalli, cofounder and CEO, TrakItNow, explains how the IoT has allowed sensors and tracking solutions to obtain more accurate results. He discusses leveraging tracking solutions in telematics and healthcare to tackle the travel of vector-borne diseases.