Medicare is one of the most confusing topics today in individual planning. What is Medicare coverage? When can I apply for Medicare? Is Medicare part of Social Security? Do I have to do something to enroll in Medicare or does it happen automatically? If my spouse is younger, will they have Medicare coverage automatically? What is Part A? Part B? Part D? What is meant by the term “Medicare Advantage”? You get the picture! With 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 years old each and every day, this is a monstrous tidal wave hitting the financial shoals of the Medicare system. No wonder they predict Medicare will be bankrupt by 2028 (see Fortune Magazine, June 22, 2016, “Medicare is Running Out of Money”). How do I prepare for this important insurance coverage? What does it cost, and who pays for it? Listen in to hear answers to these questions and more from Jim Robeson, founder of Robeson & Associates , and Steve Lujan, founder of Lujan Insurance Solutions, LujanInsuranceSolutions (at) For additional resources or to simply ask a question, contact R. J. Kelly at (800) 975-5355, or rj (at)

1 What is Medicare? Who is covered and who is not - and at what age(s)?
2 What are the questions you should be asking in regards to Medicare coverage?
3 What are the common mistakes people make in regards to Medicare?
4 Where do you start? What is the step-by-step process towards "making sense of Medicare?"