Segment 1
Tim Norton of the band The Moves performs the songs “Normally”, “Yonder Blue (reprise)” and “Relocate”
Segment 2
We discover Tim has been playing with a past Radio Bandiego guest, Rhythm Rose of Rhythm and the Method. He talks about getting into music around age 10 when his father got him a guitar, and what initially seemed like a chore, quickly turned into a life-long passion. Tim started gaining experience playing at church and moved into studying jazz and attended the Berklee School of Music. He talks about growing up in Massachusetts , writing music with his girlfriend while on tour and settling in San Diego. He talks about the path of coming from a jazz background and becoming interested in folk and bluegrass.
Segment 3
Tim talks about working as a music teacher with California Music Studios and discusses the lessons learned in getting a better grasp of the business side of making music. He talks about independently managing his own band as something that requires a lot of hands on work but gives him much more control over the bands direction and who it is affiliated with . He talks about The Moves’ upcoming album, the recording process, mastering at Michael Romanowski Mastering studio in San Francisco and trying to get the band on the summer festival scene. His advice to musicians looking to succeed is to focus on communication and planning.
Segment 4
Tim performs the songs “Brokedown Palace” (Grateful Dead Cover) and “Yonder Blue”.