01 Creating Greener Miles
Peggy says UPS has become a leader in global supply-chain management and is helping transform commercial transportation and logistics. She explains the company has a long history of adopting innovative technology that began with adopting conveyor belt technology before it became mainstream.
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02 Pushing Intelligence
Roberto Aiello, managing director, Itron Idea Labs, says machines can make better decisions than we can, which is why there needs to be a push for more intelligence everywhere. He explains water and energy have had connected devices for awhile but the next step is making them more intelligent.
03 Automation Creates Abundance
Tom Ivory, head of strategic innovation, Capgemini, explains companies are looking to transform business processes to become faster and more efficient. He says automation can free up workers from mundane activities, allowing them to spend time on more valuable tasks.
04 IoT Tech Is Changing Fast
Peggy encourages listeners to register to attend the Peggy Smedley Institute to explore new IoT (Internet of Things) ideas and implementations. She says IoT technology is changing fast across the verticals and this day of education will provide new insights and information.