1 Executive Coach Sophia Casey kicks off the show sharing good news: her partnership with Executive Coach Denise Harris with – an executive coaching and leadership development and consulting company. She also gives a snippet of a surprise to be revealed soon involving TV! Coach Casey welcomes Marie Lukasik Wallace, an author and teacher with heart and soul to support healing through the power of the written word. Marie shares her passion for inspiring women to embrace their voice through the poetry therapy.
2 Coach Casey has lots of #goosebumps and #aha moments as Marie share’s her golden tips for how we can all use writing to exercise our voices She explains how her work with women in transition was supported with having them put their traumatic experiences on paper and how writing about those experiences was a way for them to honor themselves. Marie’s passion for writing and helping children and adults connect with their authentic voices shows in her writing activities such her “I am” exercise.
3 Author Marie Lukasik Wallace continues pouring into you with her spot-on tips to align your values with how you show up in the world. She suggests making a “values list” and looking at how what you write aligns with how you actually show up in the world day-to-day. Where you’re out of alignment, or out of integrity as Coach Casey points out, are places to get supported. Writing exercises can help you with getting back in integrity. Marie shares more about how she used writing to support a deeper connection with her father in her book A Junkman’s Journey: Rummaging for the Gold in the Soul – a beautiful, heart-centered tear jerker.
4 Coach Casey and Marie close the show with more just-in-time tips from Marie on how you can use Marie’s tips to stand more powerfully. She invites you to her page and to check out her blog Writing Wings to register for her writing courses, have a course designed for your event or to connect with her on how you can be empowered by voicing what’s in your heart and soul.