This book is unique in that it tells about the Chicanas in San Diego. The editors are Rita Sanchez and Sonia Lopez, who are activist in their own right and have both taught classes about Chicanas in the movement. They have compiled a series of 61 stories that tell about the road these women took to become activist. The women come from various back grounds and are elected official, educators, artist , poets and many more professions . The book tell of their early childhood and the road that lead them to fight for social justice. Some of the women were mentored other became mentors whatever the process they led the way for other women Another special feature of the book is that several of the stories are written by the daughters of the women the are written about. The love and respect they have for their mothers is evident but more important is the love they have for these powerful women, As you read the stories you can feel for their moms. The first chapter tell us about women that are no longer with us but have made a huge contribution to the lives of Chicanas everywhere. The book includes women of various ages and serves to teach young women about the Chicana Role in social justice.

1 Rita's childhood in Riverside and Sonia's childhood in Calexico. / 2 How did the idea for a book on Chicanas come to be? / 3 Selecting the women to be featured and their stories and the path to the final project / 4 Reaching how to the community about the book. Book signings