Part I In Part I, Dr. Hillari discusses how Focus 44 was formed, then introduces Chris Tateā€”life coach and student of life. Tate tells us about how his spiritual journey began and how an out-of-body experience redefined what he thought he knew of silence.
Part II Tate describes what laser focus means in regard to manifesting your hopes, dreams, and desires. He also talks about the process he uses to help clients figure out what they want out of their life, as well as how to achieve those goals.
Part III After discovering he had a birth defect at 12-years-old where one shoulder grew at a faster pace than the other, Chris searched high and low for therapies. As a college athlete and then afterward, he had access to some of the best trainers and physical therapists in the field. Finally he turned to meditation to treat his problem, bombarding his shoulder with love, as opposed to aggression and strengthening exercises. In just 12 weeks he repaired his shoulder to a natural state.
Part IV In the final segment, the three talk about how all paths of spiritual evolution lead and point to love. They also discuss the community the radio show is beginning to form.