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‘Hello’ bumper sticker and traffic changed my world
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What Is Your WHAT?
Handling Adversity

Mary opens the show with a quote from Wayne Dyer, “There are no accidents in life. Each experience we have, no matter how painful, eventually leads us to something of higher value.”

You’re going to have adversity in life, accept that and focus on the good that comes from it. Mary, Richard, and Wade share their thoughts around learning how to handle adversity in the circumstance; how to cope.

What do you think of adversity? What is your process for dealing with it in the moment?

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Soul-full Sunday

Mary starts by sharing that we can immerse ourselves daily in social media, traffic, everything… we open ourselves up to hurt, experiencing judgment, and snarky comments. Most people are not really thinking about you that much… especially on social media you feel like you’re putting yourself out there when the reality is not many people will see your post. So how do you manage your feelings when life hits you sideways maybe with a snarky comment, a deal that doesn’t work out, or something else?

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New Media Minute
Profiting From Podcasts

Mary, Richard and Wade discuss the many benefits around podcast guesting. Steve just finished launching his Profiting From Podcasts program, which includes a ticket to New Media Summit as a bonus. Richard shares his thoughts on the program after participating in several of the webinars. The program is about podcast guesting.

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