Hear from S. Craig Stone II, Esq., (http://nvestateplan.com/) a Las Vegas attorney who specializes in estate planning, business succession, tax law and asset protection.

Listen in as he discusses the following topics with R. J. that may be worrying you and keeping you awake at night:
•What are the most common mistakes people make in their estate planning documents?
•How can new developments in the law be integrated into an individual’s estate planning documents?
•What are the most common mistakes business owners make in business succession and tax planning?
•What are the most common mistakes people make in protecting their assets from creditors?

· How can an employer protect themselves from liability for employee action inside or outside of the office?

· How do you protect against the loss of a key employee in the event of death or disability?

· How can the lack of a clear business succession plan cost your family hundreds of thousands dollars and in some cases even millions of dollars?

Tune in for answers to the above questions and more!

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