The Rant
Marijuana Is Deemed To Have No Medical Use
You Can't Patent A Plant
No One Who Smokes Weed Wrote This Article
New S'Mores Cookie From The Girls Scouts
Jay Baer
1 - He's Built 5 Multi Million Dollar Companies and Written 5 Bestselling Books; Tequila Connoisseur; Do The Opposite Of Steve; We're Using A 1995 Playbook for 2016 ProblemsV 2 - Customer Service With The Airlines; Customer Service Done Well Is Marketing; Answer Every Channel, Every Time; Customer Service Is A Spectator Sport
3 - Dimensionalizing Fear & Uncertainty; What Am I Actually Scared Of? Any Time You're Stuck Write Out Your Fears; What Has Jay Excited Right Now

Books mentioned: Utility, Hug Your Haters