“What’s “love” got to do with it?”…On this show, you will hear that “love” is the most important element in our lives. Our headline guest is the beloved and most popular pastor, Dr.Robert J. Morgan. Dr. Morgan and Doris touch on the tragic passing of Robin Williams and depression; the significance of  1Corinthians Chapter 13, better known as the “love”chapter and so much more…

Also on the guest lineup, friends from Doris’ Republican world, Bill and Barbara Steinwedell. They will talk about mentorship and entrepreneurship and the importance of “love” in the business world.

And, in Segment four, Mitch Lehman, acupuncturist and coordinator of the
Holistic tent facility at the 27th “Stand Down” event. “Stand Down” is a yearly event  sponsored by Veterans Village of San Diego, that
helps the many homeless veterans in the San Diego area. Doris and Mitch talk about their experience at “Stand Down 2014”.

This is a very moving but uplifting show that you will want to listen to!!

1 Doris and Dr. Robert J. Morgan talk about Robin Williams' death
2 Doris and Pastor Morgan
3 Veterans Bill and Barbara Steinwedell
4 Veteran and acupuncturist Mitch Lehman