Rodney Mueller is a professional life and business coach, writer, and speaker whose purpose in life is to help people create fulfillment in their careers and relationships. He is also the founder of The Absent Father Project. Rodney was born to an absent father, and is intimately aware of the impact of not healing this wound. He has seen his business, career, and some relationships suffer as a result of his father absent wound. Now he is helping other men heal their wound and transcend the personal and professional impact of father absence. Check out his blog at


Over 24 million children are growing up without fathers in the U.S. alone. Growing up without a father has the potential to impact relationships, careers, businesses, and leadership. Our guest on this episode knows a lot about this issue. Rodney Mueller started The Absent Father Project to help men transcend the personal and professional negative impact of growing up without a father. Hear Rodney’s success story, and learn how you can create fulfilling career, business and relationships.

Segment 1: The father absence wound
Segment 2: Getting beyond shame and guilt
Segment 3: The danger of "live up to my potential"
Segment 4: From fatherlessness to success