Segment 1
Peter Michael Escovedo is a percussionist, producer, musical director and son of Peter Escovedo, a founding member of Santana. He talks about him and his sister Sheila E growing up in the amazing musical milieu of Santana, hanging out with musicians, watching Santana rehearsals, and going to clubs. He talks about all the kids in the family picking up instruments and playing together, himself focusing on congas and percussion and his first paying gig, making $5 playing at a wedding. He talks about his first major gig with Con Funk Shun.
Segment 2
Peter Michael shares a hilarious story from one of the Con Funk Shun tours and talks about the experiences of working with so many of his idols, including Luther Vandross, James Brown, James Ingram, Bobby Caldwell and Stevie Wonder. He talks about the mindset it takes to stay focused and professional while sharing a stage with artists you have idolized all your life.
Segment 3
Peter Michael discusses his experience gradually getting him into the role of musical director and his approach to the job. He talks about producing TV shows and starting his own TV production company and talks about the transitional stage we are in, with the music industry currently driven by technology. We discuss the ease with which artists are able to distribute their music online and the downside of mediocre and half-baked content being released without the quality control record labels used to provide.
Segment 4
We continue our discussion of today’s music industry and the indispensability of integrating social media into your marketing approach. Peter Michael talks about his plans of recording another of his own album and gives some advice as someone who regularly hires people that in the music industry your personality is the main quality that can separate you from your competitors and having a good attitude is far more important than musical ability.