Welcome to another addition of “This Week in Marketing from AMA San Diego!

This week our guest is Philip Singleton, Author of “SEO for Growth” discusses what the C-Suite needs to understand about establishing “Domain Authority”. Phil also offers some strategies that every Marketing Professional can implement today.

Domain authority is a very interesting and debatable topic! Philip has many years of experience in this arena and offers some great advice for both large and small companies!

Find more at www.SEOforGrowth.com

Update: Some great SEO tools for your in-house marketing teams!

  • SEMRush: For keyword research and keyword tracking
  • Ahrefs: For backlink research
  • DeepCrawl: For a very “deep” analysis of site structure and technical SEO
  • Rapid Rex: Crawl your website (and your competition) to understand page data and other useful information.
  • STAT: A robust keyword tracking tool.

Thanks for listening! See you all next time!

1 Philip Singleton