Today we have three guests, Eveline Torres bilingual/special education teacher, Dr. Tricia Gallagher-Geuteen bilingual teacher, and chair of the SDUSD Ethnic Studies Advisory Committee and Dr. Guillermo Gomez, Founder of the ethnic studies program and one of the original members of the Association of Raza educators.
All three are passionate about the importance and the need for ethnic studies. The discuss why we need ethnic studies in the public schools and who it benefits. Dr. Gallager-Geiteem, the daughter of a professor speaks very openly about white privilege. All three come from different backgrounds. Eveline a Mexican American who grew up in Calexico and experienced Cultural shock when she came to San Diego to attend college . Dr Gallagher-Geuteen who grew up in two world the white world of her education and the multi-ethnic world of her professor father. Dr. Gomez who was born in El Salvador and came with his mother seeking political asylum. Attending schools in Los Angeles and came to San Diego to attend College. Dr. Gomez has spent a majority of his life fighting for social justice. All three agree that ethnic studies should not be an elective but a part of the regular curriculum.