Benefits of an Inclusive Culture Has Shown To Impact 5 Key Areas

1)Create solutions that are more relevant to the market
2)Grow in global competitiveness
3)Experience increased financial results
4)Entice and retain more qualified talent
5)Mitigate risk and cost

The challenge is that our current diversity and inclusion programs have experienced many challenges in gaining momentum. This episode is dedicated to innovative solutions moving the needle, the key metrics you should be evaluated to prove the success, and what we all can learn from the Google anti-Diversity memo.

Host: Shavon Lindley, CEO of Women Evolution,
Co-Host: Stacè Middlebrooks, COO of Global Diversity and Inclusion Foundation
Co-Host: Markus Achord, Diversity and Inclusion Leader of Best Buy,

1 Leaders of Diversity & Inclusion / 2 Innovations In Diversity & Inclusion / 3 Key Metrics Driving Success With Diversity & Inclusion / 4 What The Google "Anti-Diversity Memo" Got Right & Wrong