I don’t know about you, but one place I really struggled with was the thought of being empowered about becoming a mother! No, really. For as long as I can remember, I was never interested in having children. Maybe because I felt like I took it upon myself to parent my family and the empathy inside of me extended as far as my heart could reach. I love everyone and felt like I had to nurture them all to happiness.

Kate is like no friend I have ever had on this planet. We share a bond that could only be explained as soul sister but is so much more profound than words could ever describe. When she began her journey into motherhood, she really turned my thoughts upside down about pregnancy and becoming a mother. This beautiful soul desired to become what I consider an empowered “Modern Day Mom”.

From day one she began reading mindful motherhood books, educating her spouse, creating support, and busting up all the disempowered beliefs and approaches to parenting that she was raised on. There was no corner Kate didn’t look to shift and create the way she desired to show up as a mother to her first child. As the months went by and the baby arrived; I was completely astounded to how different the entire process had been due to sheer intentionality. I brought her on today to share that with YOU! With intention and commitment, you can be the parent you always wanted. I promise you that it does NOT have to go how it has always gone.

Be a stand for having it be differently and feel empowered to become the parent you intuit as possible!

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