1 A Changing Defense
Peggy Smedley delves deep into new research suggesting new vulnerabilities in the Dept. of Defense. She explains as the IoT continues to grow, new entry points are created, which are forcing the DOD to rethink its approach to supply-chain threats.
2 New Bases for Automotive
Paul Hedtke, advisor, Valens, discusses how its HDBase T technology moved from video platforms in the conference room to helping autonomous vehicles achieve more bandwidth to support driver data. He talks about the benefits of wireless versus wired security solutions in vehicles and how the Israeli company is creating a global reach for self-driving cars.
3 Simplifying I-IoT
Justin Hogue, professional engineer, VP of business development, LEC, talks about the growth of the industrial IoT and how it has allowed manufacturers of achieve better reporting, security, and bottom lines. He addresses how a facilitating approach to the IoT can help remove the gaps or barriers associated with initial integration.
4 Sensing Something New
Nitesh Arora, marketing leader, Cloudleaf, discusses the use of sensor fabrics to enable the end-to-end aspect of IoT and aggregate information from its environment in realtime. He says that new solutions in asset tracking and workflow processes can solve the problem of having data trapped on multiple systems.